Crochet Travel Bag

After I started crocheting, I found myself in many situations where I wished I had my crochet supplies with me. Meeting a friend for lunch but they are running late? Sitting in the doctor or dentist’s office for 45 minutes waiting for your turn? Babysitting and the kiddos went to bed hours before their parents will be home? All of these are perfect opportunities to crochet!!

When I first started traveling with my crochet bag, I tried to keep everything with me. This was problematic in that I’m an accessory junkie and I always have multiple projects going at once. Cramming it all into a bag was both too bulky and overwhelming to find something when I needed it. Eventually, I learned to pair it down to the essentials.

Traveling with your crochet supplies can be simple with just a little organization. I’ve used both a tote bag and a small duffle bag to carry my crochet things from place to place. My personal preference is for the duffle bag  because it has a nice, secure zipper. I don’t have to worry about my things getting dirty or falling out when I can zip them in.

Once you have a bag, a pencil case or old makeup bag is a lifesaver for organizing it! It works perfectly to hold your hook, needle, a small pair of scissors, and a couple of stitch markers. This way they stay neat and don’t get tangled up in your yarn as the bag gets jostled around. I also keep a pen and some simple notes on the project I’m working on. A scrap piece of paper or small pad of paper is great for keeping track of rows when the repeat is several rows long.

Happy crocheting!

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