Tips for Selecting Yarn

When I walk into my local art supply store, I am immediately drawn to the yarn section. The color, the texture, the possibilities! … It’s like heaven on earth!

When I first started buying yarn, I didn’t pay much attention to any aspect of the yarn except aesthetics. ….It’s so pretty!!! It’s MINE!!!…. Slowly I started to notice that some yarns were nicer than others. Yarn that felt nice enough in the store felt rough and unpleasant after a few minutes of running it through my fingers as I worked up my next masterpiece. I am now much more particular when it comes to selecting yarn. Here are a couple of shopping tips to help you pick out great yarn!

◊ Look at colors, but check out the texture, too. Don’t just spend a second or two on texture and assume it is fine. Handle the yarn as you will when you use it. Run it across your hand/fingers to get a feel for how it will be to work with. Once you are familiar with a brand/line of yarn, this is not as important… but be skeptical at first and spend some time with the yarn before you commit.

◊ When testing the texture of a new yarn, consider how it will feel against your skin after a few hours of wear. Just because it is beautiful doesn’t mean it will be comfortable. If you’re working on a baby item, make sure it is something soft enough that it won’t irritate the baby’s delicate skin.

◊ Read the label! Easy enough, right? But easy to forget, too. The label has so much information. Recommended hook size, washing instructions (vital if you’re working on something that will require regular washing…), yardage, and often information on a free pattern!

◊ Yarn sales are AMAZING!! I love them and buy more than I care to admit when a good sale is on. When you’re stocking up at the big sale, keep in mind that, generally, one skein of yarn is not big enough to complete a project. As a general rule, I always buy at least 2 of any 200-ish yard skien of yarn I really like so I’m not as likely to run out. Make it 4 or more if you plan to make a baby blanket or something larger!

◊ If you do run out of that amazing yarn you found on sale last season and isn’t carried at your store anymore… check out Amazon and Ebay!! They have a fabulous yarn selection and they haven’t failed me yet when I’ve needed another ball of yarn that I can’t find locally!

Happy crocheting!

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