Open Squares Scarf


​I scoured the internet for a couple of days looking for a spring/summer scarf pattern that I liked. There are so many to choose from! I wanted something simple but elegant and I found several that I bookmarked for another time. The pattern that caught my attention and wouldn’t be set aside for later is the open square scarf. The open pattern keeps it from feeling too heavy for warmer weather and it is beautiful just hanging in my closet. Even more so when paired with some dark jeans, a cute t-shirt or tank and flats!

I found this stitch on youtube, you can view the tutorial video here. The video is very basic but it is a much cleaner pattern than some other patterns I found to achieve a similar result.

For this project I used Lion Brand Heartland Yarn in Mount Rainier Tweed. It has a lovely color variation if you look at it closely but the simplicity of the overall effect is very nice. The final dimensions for my scarf are 7 feet long by 10 inches wide, not counting the tassel. The tassel adds about 8 inches to each end. It’s a larger scarf but a great length to wind around in a wide loop to keep it off the front of your neck! This scarf pattern is made up of only triple crochet and chain stitches. This makes it an ideal project for those times when you want to finish something quickly!

I really love the very subtle color variations in the yarn. Gray always goes with everything and this is no exception! This is a great option for the office or causal wear. I made mine very long. You could easily take a foot off the length and it would still be a great scarf!

When your adorable nephew wants to try it on first 🙂

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The tutorial video can be found here here. There was not a written pattern for this scarf.

Keep in mind that each row will begin and end with 3 triple crochet. The middle of the scarf will be in sets of 2 triple crochet.

Happy crocheting!


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