My First Crochet Quilt (Free Pattern)

About 6 months ago I came across a photo on Pinterest of a blanket made of quilt squares crocheted together. I fell in love with it and have thought about how much fun it would be to make one ever since. At the time, I did not own a sewing machine, had never done more than sew a button back on (crooked at that), and had no idea what a quilt actually was. I was determined though. I would make one.

I finally decided that I needed a sewing machine to do this so I splurged on one as an early Christmas present for myself. After a few days of playing around with the machine, jumping every time it made a noise, I finally decided to jump in and make it happen. I followed the instructions here for making the quilt squares and blanket stitching around the edges (this is the same quilt that I found a picture of on Pinterest and loved so much!).

Having never used a sewing machine before, my first couple (or five, or ten…) were practice squares with no batting. Once I started to get the hang of the squares, I added the batting layer and started creating my squares. I used 3 patterned fabrics and three solid fabrics. I backed the patterned fabrics with the solid colors because I liked the idea of the quilt being different on the back. By no means did I master the squares but most of them were square(ish) by the end and, although my stitches were not as neat and precise as I’d like them to be, they were adequate for my needs. I will continue to practice because I LOVE this and will be making another one!

For this project, I used cotton fabrics in various prints and colors, quilters 80/20 batting, cotton yarn in Ivory, and a 4 mm crochet hook. After I had my 36 quilt squares, I followed the instructions in the link above to blanket stitch around the squares (see note below on the blanket stitching). I decided to deviate from the tutorial after that to really make it my own. Rather than the delicate crochet and joining method that was used the the tutorial, I chose to complete each square with a round of single crochet, a round of double crochet and another round of single crochet. For each round, I put two stitches in each of the two middle most stitches in each corner.

Prior to joining the squares, each square ended up being approximately 6 inches wide. I joined the squares using the flat braid join method. (Find my tutorial on the flat braid join method here.) I ended up having 11 loops on each side of my squares plus the loop in each of the four corners.

**For a more in depth tutorial on how to make a crochet joined quilt, check out my second quilt and tutorial here.


I added the border by single crocheting two times around the stitches that created the loops formed for the braid stage and three times around the stitches that created the loops for each corner loop. I then single crochet in each stitch and finished with a scalloped edge.

I’m so happy with how this came out! It is beautiful and so soft. It will be a great gift and I’m already thinking about starting another one!

​I used a washable fabric pen and a template with tick marks every 1/4 inch to mark around my squares where I needed to sew. I tried using the pin the template to the square method used in the original tutorial but found that the template shifted around too much.

​When adding the final loops around the squares to join them, I used stitch markers in the four corners to keep track of which loops represented a corner. It all looks the same once you start adding the loops and it’s important to know which is a corner loop.

I used a 4mm crochet hook to keep my stitches tight and produce a heavier blanket. Using a larger hook (the recommended size for the yarn I used is 5.5 mm) would make for a larger blanket and more space between the stitches.

Happy crocheting!

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