Pink and Gray Princess Blanket (Free Pattern)

I love making baby blankets because they are adorable and quick. The only adult size afghan I’ve tried to make so far is sitting in my closet about 1/3 finished because it’s so big I can’t imagine finishing it! Baby blankets are done before you have time to get overwhelmed at the prospect of finishing. Between that and knowing how adorable a little will be all wrapped up in it… what is there not to love about baby blankets?!

Another of my cousins will be having a little girl this fall. When I went to pick out yarn to make her something I fell in love with some Bernat Softee Baby yarn in grey marl; the stripes just did it for me. She told me her nursery colors were pink, purple and gray so luckily it worked out! I left the store with both the gray and pink striped yarn and a simple white to break it up and use as a border.

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Want to make your own? Here’s how…


Pattern written in US terms

Notes: the size can easily be adjusted – simply add or subtract as many chain stitches as you like.

ch = chain
dc = double crochet


Row 1: dc in the third ch from the hook, dc in each chain stitch

Rows 2-4: ch3, dc in each stitch from the previous row

(optional color change – I used white for the sc row)

Row 5: ch1, sc in each stitch from the previous row

(optional color change – I alternated this section between the pink and gray striped yarn)

Rows 6-8: ch3, dc in each stitch from the previous row

Repeat rows 5-8 to your desired size

I had plans to use a really frilly border on this blanket but when I finished and counted out my stitches around the edge, it was just going to be too hard to make the stitch count work. Instead, I used this box border pattern by Bella Coco and it came out great! I did two rows of single crochet in white around the blanket before adding the box border just to make it more substantial and really tie in the white stripes in the blanket.

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Happy crocheting!


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