Hook Size Stitch Markers

If you are anything like me, you have multiple craft projects in progress at one time. I have at least 5 crochet projects right now in varying stages of completion. A few months ago I came across a project I set aside 7-8 months prior and decided to finish it. Unfortunately, I had opted to use a hook size other than what was recommended for the yarn I used and it took an annoying amount of time to figure out which size hook I originally started with.

I want to spend my crochet time CROCHETING, not checking the gauge with various hooks to find the one that matches the 3/4 finished project that I found in the back of my closet. I started looking around for stitch markers that would serve as a hook size reminder as well. I was surprised that they were not readily available.

​Looking at what I found, they seemed simple enough to make. A quick trip to the local A&C store and I had the basic set up for what I wanted to do: lobster clasps, stretchy jewelry cord and beads. I bought an assortment of pretty beads, numbered beads and some letters.

They are very easy to make and it’s fun to mix and match the beads to make something that is both functional and pretty. I love the ones I’ve made so far! They look gorgeous dangling from my half finished projects and it might even inspire me to finish another one soon!

 Happy crocheting!

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