The Jenny Flower (Free Pattern)

The Jenny flower is a pattern I was playing around with and finalized recently when a request for flowers for a young girl with terminal cancer came to my attention. I made several to send to her and decided to name the flower in her honor. This 8-petal beauty is a large flower and almost as beautiful as its namesake!

Want to make your own? Here’s how!

This pattern is written in US terms.

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
slp st = slip stich

ch 5, slp st into first chain to join

ch 2 (counts as a dc), dc x 15 into the circle (16 stitches total)


*optional color change (for 2-tone center)*

ch 2 (counts as a dc) , dc in the next stitch, ch 2, *dc into the next stitch 2 stitches, ch 2* – repeat * around  and slp st to join with the first ch 2 (16 dc total)

The petal base:

*optional color change (for petal color)*

ch 1, *ch 3, sc into the ch 2 space from the last round* – repeat * around the circle, slp st in the first ch 1 to join

slp st into the 1st ch 3 space, *ch 4, sc into the next ch 3 space* – repeat * around, slp st into the base of the first ch 4 to join

slp st into the 1st ch 4 space, *dc x 4, tc x 3, ch 3, tc x 3, dc x 4 – all around ch ch 4 from the last round, slp st around the sc from the last round* – repeat around, slp st into the base of the first dc to join

*If you want a fuller petal, add an additional triple crochet to each petal on either side of the chain 3.

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Items created from any pattern I create may be used to create items for sale. Sale of the written pattern and copy and paste of any pattern I have written is never allowed – please provide credit for the pattern in listings for sale via a direct link to my blog.

Happy crocheting!

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