Basic 5 Petal Flower (Free Pattern)

This basic flower pattern is about as simple as it gets for a crochet flower. It is a lot of fun and super easy to make! Don’t forget to play around with the color combinations!

Want to make your own? Here’s how!

This pattern is written in US terms.

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
slp st = slip stitch

ch 4, slp st into the first chain to create a loop

ch 1 (counts as a sc), sc x 6 into the loop (7 sc total)

ch 1 (counts as a sc), sc x 1 into the base of the chain, sc x 2 into each stitch (14 sc total), slp st into first ch to join

*optional color change*

ch 3 (counts as a dc), ch 4, *skip 2 stitches, dc into the 3rd stitch, ch 4* – repeat * 4 times, slp st into the ch 3 to join      (the blue stitch marker is marking the 3rd chain where the last ch 4 will be joined)

slp st behind the ch 3 post, *dc x 12 around the ch 4, slp st behind the ch 2 post* – repeat * 4 times, slp st into the base of the first ch 2 to join

I would love to see your projects! If you share photos on social media, please tag me so I can see them! Instagram: @stitchmein_ or hashtags #stitchmein_ #stitchmein_makers   and    Facebook: @StitchMeInbyStephanie

Items created from any pattern I create may be used to create items for sale. Sale of the written pattern and copy and paste of any pattern I have written is never allowed – please provide credit for the pattern in listings for sale via a direct link to my blog.

Happy crocheting!

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